Bills Tracked by California Environmental Voters

California Environmental Voters works to build and support strong environmental champions and pass strong environmental legislation. Scroll through the list of 2021 Environmental Scorecard bills and issues areas to learn more about what policies the State Legislature prioritized in 2021 — and which it has neglected.

Legend Key

  • Top Priority Bill
    Top Priority Bill
  • Pro-Environmental Action
  • Anti-Environmental Action
Bill Issues Assembly Senate Governor
SB 47 Increasing Spending Limits to Clean Up More Idle Oil Wells Oil and Gas SIGN
Top Priority Bill SB 260 The Climate Corporate Accountability Act Corporate Accountability
AB 284 Nature-Based Climate Solutions on Natural and Working Lands Climate Change, Natural Resources
Top Priority Bill SB 342 Environmental Justice Representation on the South Coast AQMD Board Air Quality, Racial & Social Justice
Top Priority Bill SB 343 Prohibiting Greenwashing of Non-Recyclable Waste Corporate Accountability, Recycling and Waste Reduction SIGN
Top Priority Bill SB 467 Banning Fracking & Oil Drilling in Neighborhoods Oil and Gas, Toxic and Chemicals
Top Priority Bill AB 525 Offshore Wind Energy Planning for a Clean Energy Future Energy SIGN
AB 1238 Freedom to Walk Act Racial & Social Justice, Transportation VETO
AB 1346 Zero Emission Lawn and Garden Equipment Air Quality, Climate Change SIGN
AB 1371 Phasing out Unnesessary Plastic Packaging from Online Shopping Corporate Accountability, Recycling and Waste Reduction
Top Priority Bill AB 1395 The California Climate Crisis Act Climate Change