2022 California Environmental Scorecard Bills

California Environmental Voters is striving to transform our political system and cultivate environmental champions who will take the bold action needed to address the climate crisis. Learn more about the key climate bills and EnviroVoters’ top priority bills from 2022 that earned the state a resurgent A- score by scrolling through 2022’s California Environmental Scorecard bills and issues areas. You can see the full list of all 55 environmental bills included in the California Score here.

EnviroVoters tracks and prioritizes climate bills throughout each year and chooses Scorecard bills based on the top priorities of the environmental community that represent key issue areas and the most impactful policies that move the needle on advancing climate justice. Take a look at which issues the state needs to prioritize in 2023 by seeing which bills failed.

Legend Key

  • Top Priority Bill
    Top Priority Bill
  • Pro-Environmental Action
  • Anti-Environmental Action
Bill Issues Assembly Senate Governor
AB 2237 Climate Accountability for Transportation Projects Land Use and Transportation
AB 2316 Making Community Solar and Storage Affordable for Low-Income Californians Clean Energy Economy SIGN
Top Priority Bill AB 2419 The California Justice40 Act Land Use and Transportation
AB 2438 Aligning Transportation Investments with Climate Goals Land Use and Transportation VETO
AB 2550 Restore Clean Air for the San Joaquin Valley Toxics and Pollution VETO
AB 2597 Healthy and Heat Resilient Homes Natural Resources, Water, and Resiliency
AB 2840 Warehouse Good Neighbor Policy Land Use and Transportation
Top Priority Bill SB 54 Plastic Pollution Reduction Act Toxics and Pollution SIGN
Top Priority Bill SB 260 Climate Corporate Accountability Act Clean Energy Economy
SB 342 Environmental Justice Seats on the South Coast Air Quality Management Board Toxics and Pollution
SB 953 Ending Offshore Oil Drilling Toxics and Pollution
Top Priority Bill SB 1137 Ending Neighborhood Oil Drilling Toxics and Pollution SIGN
SB 1173 Divestment from of the Fossil Fuel Industry Clean Energy Economy
Top Priority Bill SB 1314 Stopping Big Oil’s Greenwashing Toxics and Pollution SIGN
Top Priority Bill AB 1279 Committing to Carbon Neutrality Clean Energy Economy SIGN
AB 1757 Nature Based Carbon Removal Targets Natural Resources, Water, and Resiliency / Sustainable Agriculture SIGN
AB 1778 Stopping Freeway Expansions in Environmental Justice Communities Land Use and Transportation
AB 1931 Protecting Californians from Toxic Lead Pipes Toxics and Pollution
AB 2026 Reducing Plastic Waste from Online Shopping Toxics and Pollution
AB 2133 Accelerated Climate Targets Clean Energy Economy
AB 2201 Community Drinking Water Protection Act Natural Resources, Water, and Resiliency