Holiday shopping tips for the climate conscious

With holidays — and the whole climate crisis deadline — around the corner, let’s talk about the harm that holiday shopping wreaks on the environment, and some much more sustainable alternative gifting practices you can try instead. From production to shopping to shipping and gifting, there are many environmentally conscious decisions you can make this holiday season and practice for years to come.

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Watch: Why we’re voting YES on Prop 30

Prop 30, the only climate initiative on the statewide ballot, would invest billions of dollars to help people afford electric vehicles, fund more charging stations, and increase extreme wildfire prevention. The measure is endorsed by the California Democratic Party and supported by a broad, growing coalition that includes firefighters, environmental justice warriors, business leaders, and working families. Watch our video to hear voters explain in their own words why they will be voting YES on this Prop 30:

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Watch: No New Leasing for fossil fuel companies

Did you know fossil fuel companies have over 7,000 leases for land they haven’t even started developing on yet? That’s enough leases to dig and drill for another decade and a half! With the 2030 deadline for significant climate action fast approaching, we need to be moving AWAY from fossil fuels and transitioning to a clean energy economy. Watch our video to learn more about the influence fossil fuel companies have over our economy.

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Electric Vehicles – and Prop 30 – could be key to reducing the strain on our power grid

California’s power grid has withstood a historic heat wave this summer. There has been a lot of buzz about electric vehicles (EVs) with the state’s upcoming ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars, especially how they fit into the future stability of our grid as we look ahead to the likelihood of future heat waves. Here’s the thing: EVs are part of the solution, not the problem.

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Prop 30 Will Accelerate California’s Transition To Zero-Emission Vehicles and Increase Extreme Wildfire Resilience

California breathes some of the most toxic air in the world, the hazards of which are disproportionately shouldered by women, children, seniors, and low-income communities. Proposition 30, the California Clean Air Initiative, mitigates the state’s greatest contribution to and consequence of the climate crisis — the transportation sector and wildfires, respectively — by investing $100 BILLION over 20 years.

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How to Manage Smoky Air during Wildfire Season

We are hitting peak wildfire season in California. Wildfires are not just dangerous for people in the direct line of fire or whose homes reside outside of evacuation lines. Wildfires wreak havoc on our air quality, which threatens all of our livelihoods. Learn all about the Air Quality Index for measuring safe air quality in your area, and follow our tips for dealing with wildfire smoke and air pollution.