We advocate in Sacramento and across the state to expand access to democracy, to take bold action on climate, and to protect and enhance the land, air, water, and health of all California communities. Check out our top state priority bills and take action to help pass them:

Many of the largest corporations doing business in California — that contribute the majority of the pollution — are not reporting their carbon footprint to the public. EnviroVoters’ sponsored bill, the Climate Corporate Accountability Act (SB 260), introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, would require all large U.S.-based corporations doing business in California that make over $1 billion annually to publicly disclose their full carbon footprint in a way that is easily understandable and available to the public. For transparency and accountability, we need SB 260.

SB 1314, authored by Senator Monique Limón, will ban Big Oil’s greenwashed plan to drill more oil so that we can focus on proven climate solutions like clean energy. This bill combats the fossil fuel industry’s latest climate-delaying tactic, which is to pass policies that actually allow them to drill for more oil and call it climate action. They promise this technology will reduce their emissions, but capturing carbon to drill for more oil will only lock in a long-term dependence on oil and gas that will continue to pollute communities. We need to pass SB 1314 to stop Big Oil.

President Biden’s 2021 Justice40 Initiative executive order earmarked at least 40% of federal climate and infrastructure funds to environmental justice communities. But to achieve that goal, states must lead on its effective implementation. AB 2419, from Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, ensures that disadvantaged communities receive at least 40% of federal climate and infrastructure funding, with another 10% to low-income communities, to begin addressing decades of inequity and create new opportunities for frontline communities.

Renters, low-income households, and households who can’t host their own solar energy system have limited options to access the climate, health, and cost-saving benefits of local clean energy. AB 2316, authored by Assemblymember Chris Ward, will establish a cost-effective community renewable energy program for California that also addresses a major gap in energy equity, particularly for low-income residents and renters. By passing AB 2316, California will not only bring clean energy access and bill savings to underserved communities but also improve local air quality and make the energy grid more reliable, resilient, and clean.

In 2020 alone, online purchases generated nearly 2.9 billion pounds of plastic worldwide. The vast majority of unnecessary plastic packaging added to online orders are immediately discarded, becoming litter and overflowing landfills. And as the online shopping industry continues to expand, we are simultaneously creating a significant environmental crisis that can’t be ignored. AB 2026, authored by Assemblymembers Laura Friedman and Phil Ting, will reduce harmful environmental, health, and economic impacts of unnecessary single-use plastic by phasing out the  harmful use of non-recyclable plastics in online shopping

Everyone should have access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water, but over 1 million Californians don’t. Unregulated industry overpumps and contaminates groundwater, threatening the livelihood of communities in California that rely on groundwater exclusively for clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing — often low-income and communities of color. AB 2201, the Community Drinking Water Protection Act, authored by Assemblymember Steve Bennett, will prevent damage to the state’s groundwater basins and protect the primary drinking water source for many Californians in disadvantaged communities.

Other Priority Bills

There are a lot of really important issues and bills we are advocating for in Sacramento. This list is just a subset of the highest priority bills we are putting most of our advocacy energy into:


    • SB 222: Water Rate Assistance Program
    • SB 887: Accelerating Renewable Energy Delivery (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 953: Ending Offshore Oil Drilling
    • SB 1173: State Divestment of the Fossil Fuel Industry (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 1203: State Agencies Net-Zero GHG Emissions by 2035 (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 1295: Cleaning Up Abandoned Oil Wells (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 1482: Providing EV Charging for Multi-Family Homes (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 1486: Clean Energy Jobs, Coordination and Community Safety Through Aliso Canyon Closure Act
    • AB 1778: Protecting Communities Overburdened with Pollution (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 1919: The California Youth Transit Pass Program (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 1931: Protecting Californians from Toxic Lead Pipes (Passed Assembly Floor Vote, Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)
    • AB 2076: Extreme Heat and Community Resilience Program (Passed Assembly Floor Vote, Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)
    • AB 2108: Addressing Disproportionate Water Quality Impacts to Environmental Justice Communities (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2237: Sustainable Local Transportation Planning (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2238: Advance Warning and Ranking System for Extreme Heat Waves (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2438: Aligning Transportation Investments with Climate Goals (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2597: Healthy and Heat Resilient Homes (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2649: The Natural Carbon Sequestration and Resilience Act of 2022 (Passed Assembly Floor Vote, Died in Senate Appropriations Committee)
    • AB 2696: Accelerating Transmission Planning to Advance Clean Energy (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2731: Clean and Healthy School Bus Act for California Children (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)
    • AB 2840: Warehouse Good Neighbor Policy (Passed Assembly Floor Vote)


    • SB 1101: Greenlighting Fossil Fuel Industry Greenwashing (Passed Senate Floor Vote)
    • SB 1219: A Big Bait and Switch in California Water Management (Passed Senate Floor Vote)