Your public comment on injection wells needed!

The State of California just opened a very brief period for public comments on oil and gas wells that are illegally injecting chemical laden waste and other fluids into California’s water supply. Tell state regulators to shut down all of these injection wells – before it’s too late! Take action now: >>

The news that California has permitted — and is still allowing — oil companies to inject toxic wastewater and other fluids into protected sources of drinking water continues to ripple around the state. We were shocked when we found out that over 2,500 oil and gas injection wells were permitted in aquifers that could potentially be used as sources of drinking and irrigation water. California regulators admitted that they “fell down on the job” and that they’ve failed to protect our precious groundwater in the midst of an extreme drought.

State regulators still haven’t shut down the wells, and their just-announced “emergency regulations” would actually let this practice to continue! The proposed regulations fall far short of what’s necessary to protect California’s supplies of drinking water, but the proposed regulations are being fast-tracked through the usual review process due to their “emergency” status. And this streamlined process? It means that the period for public comment is extremely short – just five days total – leaving barely enough time for regular Californians to make our voices heard.

URGENT: Help us push back against illegal injection wells and protect California’s limited water supplies. Make your public comment and say “NO” to these proposed regulations: Take action now, before the approaching deadline! »

Take action!

It’s an outrage that during our state’s historic drought, state regulators have allowed oil and gas companies to keep pumping toxic chemicals into groundwater in the most water-starved parts of California. We need you to tell the agency that is supposed to regulate the industry, DOGGR, that their plan to allow continued injection is completely unacceptable.

State officials just publicly posted their emergency regulations, which means the time is short (just a few days!) to tell them that the plan to let oil companies keep polluting our water is a terrible idea. The comment period is only open through Tuesday, April 14, so act now to make your voice heard: Join us and demand that the state shut down illegal injection wells right now. Not in October. Not next year. Right now.

The plan that DOGGR has proposed is a clear violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act and threatens California’s already-precarious water future. We are already suffering from one of the worst droughts on record. Allowing big polluters to keep dumping their waste into depleted aquifers makes absolutely no sense.

Speak out now and make sure state regulators know you want them to do what’s right – and that means shutting down all 2,500 illegal injection wells that threaten protected aquifers throughout California. Submit your comment: »

Posted on April 10, 2015


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