40 of EnviroVoters’ 44 endorsed Assembly candidates won their 2022 elections, plus 8 of the 13 Senate candidates we endorsed. Meet the newly elected, first-time California legislators whom we endorsed:

Liz Ortega-Toro (AD 20)

Liz Ortega-Toro is a labor leader and member of the Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, where she helps job seekers develop valuable workplace skills and find employment in the Bay Area. The first Latina in history to be elected Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Alameda Labor Council, Liz has been an East Bay leader in the fight for an equitable minimum wage to support working families as housing and cost of living has skyrocketed. In the Assembly, Liz will fight for a clean energy economy and infrastructure – and building the workforce we need to sustain it.

Dawn Addis (AD 30)

Replacing Jordan Cunningham (55% Environmental Score in 2021)

As a Morro Bay Councilmember, Dawn Addis has worked to promote economic development, improve local infrastructure, and protect the Central Coast. As a Councilmember she opposed the expansion of fracking, worked to conserve land, moved critical infrastructure off the beach, created clean water resilience, and moved alternative energy projects forward. Addis plans to push legislation to address the climate crisis while helping our communities adapt.

Pilar Schiavo (AD 40)

Replacing Suzette Valladares (29% Environmental Score in 2021)

As a union and political organizer, Pilar has been a champion for working people, justice, and public health. Her work of organizing with nurses in the State stopped Chevron refinery expansion, and we know that she will continue to organize against Big Oil in the Assembly.

Corey Jackson (AD 60)

Replacing Jose Medina (72% Environmental Score in 2021)

Corey has been a school board member in Riverside County and a longtime advocate for clean air and environmental justice. He will stand up for Inland Empire communities in the Assembly and make big change happen.

Aisha Wahab (SD 10)

Replacing Bob Wieckowski (93% Environmental Score in 2021)

Aisha Wahab is a community leader and former Hayward City Councilmember. Aisha has implemented policies in Hayward that reduce economic inequality, expand homeownership opportunities, support small businesses, and strengthen safety nets for seniors, women, children, and working families. In the Senate, Aisha will prioritize clean air and water policies that address the disproportionate effects of climate change on communities of color.

Caroline Menjivar (SD 20)

Replacing Robert Hertzberg (69% Environmental Score in 2021)

Caroline Menjivar is a Marine Corps veteran and EMT who has used her background in social welfare and organizing to serve her community in the San Fernando Valley. Caroline’s community is disproportionately affected by car-generated pollution, causing high asthma rates and extreme heat in the district. Caroline is committed to holding polluters accountable and creating a more equitable system for addressing climate change in Los Angeles.

Gail Pellerin (AD 28)

Gail Pellerin’s 35 years in public service encompasses more than seven years working for the State Legislature in Sacramento (including for an Assembly office representing Morgan Hill) and 27 years working for the people of Santa Cruz County. In June 2018, Gail was elected to her fourth term as County Clerk. Her environmental policy goals include ending our dependence on fossil fuels and protecting our coastlines from rising sea levels.

Rick Chavez Zbur (AD 51)

Replacing Richard Bloom (98% Environmental Score in 2021)

Rick Chavez Zbur has advocated for civil rights at every point of his career. In 2014, Rick left his law firm to become the Executive Director of Equality California, the nation’s largest statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, where he directed his legal skills to civil rights work. Rick has served on the board of Children Affected By AIDS Foundation, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Planned Parenthood. In the Assembly, Rick will advocate for racially just environmental action that brings solutions to underserved Californians.

Josh Lowenthal (AD 69)

Replacing Patrick O’Donnell (51% Environmental Score in 2021)

Josh Lowenthal is an entrepreneur and father. Lowenthal plans to reduce pollution coming from the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, local oil refineries, and warehouses, as well as help usher in necessary updates to our workforce development and training as we transition to a clean economy.

Steve Padilla (SD 18)

Replacing Ben Hueso (72% Environmental Score in 2021)

Steve Padilla is a former Police Detective, City Councilmember, and the first Latino and first openly LGBTQ+ Mayor of Chula Vista. Steve’s priorities for his district include achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, protecting his community’s access to safe and reliable water, and investing in jobs for a clean energy economy.

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas (SD 28)

Replacing Sydney Kamlager (100% Environmental Score in 2021)

Lola Smallwood-Cuevas is an educator, labor organizer, and community advocate. She co-founded the LA Black Worker Center, where she works to increase access to quality jobs, reduce employment discrimination, and improve industries that employ Black workers through action and unionization. Lola’s environmental priority in her district is to address the health risks posed to the 1 million people living near Inglewood Oil Field and their lack of access to clean transportation.

Catherine Blakespear (SD 38)

Replacing Patricia Bates (3% Environmental Score in 2021)

As Encinitas Mayor, Catherine made the city the first in San Diego County to deliver 100% renewable power and passed a tough climate action plan to reduce emissions and passed the first ordinance in San Diego County to require new buildings to be all electric. Catherine’s track record of environmental stewardship both as mayor and as a former City Council member makes her a valuable climate champion in the Senate.

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