Dear Lieutenant Governor Maldonado:

We noticed with great interest that you have announced a trip to Louisiana to tour the disastrous BP oil spill that has devastated the communities and local economies of the Gulf Coast. The California League of Conservation Voters remains deeply concerned about the oil spill and its aftermath. We are determined to elect environmental champions who will ensure that this tragedy is never repeated off the coast of California. We have a simple request: That you clarify your positions on several environmental issues important to California voters, and explain your record of support for the agenda of Big Oil.

For one, we’d like you explain your refusal to take a position on Proposition 23, the Dirty Energy Proposition. This initiative is a cynical and transparent attempt by Texas oil companies to kill California’s clean energy and air pollution control laws and keep us addicted to oil.

On this critical topic, what is your explanation for voting against AB 32, California’s landmark climate and clean energy law, as a member of the state legislature? That vote, combined with other bad votes on environmental bills during your time in the legislature, results in a lifetime score of just 43% on CLCV’s Environmental Scorecard. Speaking of clean versus dirty energy, why have you continued to waffle on the issue of offshore oil drilling in California? Why did you first give indications as Lieutenant Governor that you would consider endorsing the controversial proposal to expand drilling operations off the coast of Santa Barbara, before abruptly changing your mind?

In short, without clarifying your positions on these issues, how can we trust you to represent the interests of California voters over the interests of Big Oil and other out-of-state polluters? Before you focus on environmental issues in other states, please do the right thing and first address the very pressing issues we face here in California.


Warner Chabot, CEO
The California League of Conservation Voters

Posted on July 28, 2010


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