Press Release
August 9, 2021


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OAKLAND, CA- The California Environmental Voters (EnviroVoters) released the following statement in response to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) landmark report.

The report was compiled by 234 authors relying on more than 14,000 studies from around the world. Since the report was previously released in 2013, the IPCC’s latest report now confirms that climate change is human-caused and unequivocal, further detailing scenarios depending on how much carbon emission levels are reduced.

Statement from Mary Creasman, Chief Executive Officer, EnviroVoters:

“As Californians grapple with drought conditions, worsening wildfire seasons, and pollution in our communities, scientists are once again raising the alarm that climate change is unequivocally human made. The IPCC’s latest report confirms that we can act on the climate crisis by reducing carbon emissions, but this requires policymakers to hold corporate polluters accountable to change.

Despite California’s reputation as a global leader, the majority of climate bills introduced in the state legislature were blocked this session. Furthermore, Corporate Democrats in Congress are going back on the promise of delivering for climate justice by trying to move the infrastructure bill through without the bigger reconciliation bill and its critical climate investments. The IPCC makes it clear that delay is not an option, which means we need to pass both bills as soon as possible. Half measures are unacceptable.

Voters across California and party lines agree that climate change is a top concern, and the good news is that we have the policy solutions. What we are missing is the political power to implement them at the rate and scale that’s needed. Every Californian needs to stand together to hold our government accountable for aggressive action now.”

California Environmental Voters (formerly the California League of Conservation Voters) believes the climate crisis is here and this moment requires transformative change. California has the policy solutions to stop climate change but lacks the political will to do it at the rate and scale that’s necessary. EnviroVoters exists to build the political power to solve the climate crisis, advance justice, and create a roadmap for global action. We organize voters, elect and train candidates, and hold lawmakers accountable for bold policy change. We won’t stop until we have resilient, healthy, thriving communities, and a democracy and economy that is just and sustainable for all. Join us at and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. See more press releases.

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