Ken Cooley
2020 Score: 82%
Ca. Score: 74%
Caucus Score: 85%
Lifetime Score:75%

Past Scores:

Ken Cooley

Phone: 916 319 2008

Party: Democrat
District: 8 (Rancho Cordova)
Years in office:



We encourage you to take a moment to call your legislator using the phone number listed above, let them what you think about their environmental score and why it matters to you that your legislator always vote for climate justice.


Extra Credit:
+1 for authoring a pro-environment bill or letter
-1 for authoring an anti-environment bill or letter

Environmental Votes

BillTop Priority BillVote
Top Priority BillACA 4Expanding Youth Voting Rights
Vote on ACA 4 (Assembly Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
ACA 5Restoring Affirmative Action for the Public Sector
Vote on ACA 5 (Assembly Public Employment & Retirement Committee)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on ACA 5 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 345Oil & Gas Health and Safety Buffer Zones
Vote on AB 345 (Assembly Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
AB 841Clean Cars & Healthy Schools
Vote on AB 841 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 860Vote by Mail Ballots for All California Voters
Vote on AB 860 (Assembly Floor)Excused
Top Priority BillAB 995Department of Toxic Substances Control Reform
Vote on AB 995 (Assembly Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
AB 2054Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems (C.R.I.S.E.S.) Act
Vote on AB 2054 (Assembly Governmental Organization Committee)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on AB 2054 (Assembly Floor)Excused
Vote on AB 2054 (Assembly Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
AB 2147Pathway to Meaningful Employment for Formerly Incarcerated Firefighters
Vote on AB 2147 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Vote on AB 2147 (Assembly Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
AB 2736Corporate Bailout for Bad Energy Project that Harms Joshua Tree
AB 2954Climate Goals for Natural & Working Lands
Vote on AB 2954 (Assembly Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 303030x30 Land & Water Conservation Goal
Vote on AB 3030 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillAB 3214Increasing Penalties for Oil Spills
Vote on AB 3214 (Assembly Floor)Anti-Environment Vote
Vote on AB 3214 (Assembly Concurrence)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 54California Circular Economy & Plastic Pollution Reduction Act
Vote on SB 54 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
SB 364Maintaining Voter Approved Solar Tax Exclusion
Vote on SB 364 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
Top Priority BillSB 423Safe & Accessible In-Person Voting
Vote on SB 423 (Assembly Floor)Pro-Environment Vote
PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONANTI-ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIONDID NOT VOTEDid not vote on good bill. Counted negatively.DID NOT VOTEDid not vote on a bad bill. Counted positively.EXCUSEDAbsent due to illness or family leave; not counted positively or negatively.

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