2024 Primary Endorsements

California Environmental Voters is committed to recruiting, training, and endorsing bold, pro-environment candidates — up and down the ballot — who will fight for climate justice and equity. Look up who EnviroVoters has endorsed so far for the March 5, 2024 California Primary and November 5, 2024 General Election and sign up to volunteer to help elect these candidates to secure climate majorities in the legislature in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

2024 EnviroVoters Primary Endorsement List

State Assembly Endorsements

Assembly District 2: Rusty Hicks (LOST)

Assembly District 6: Evan Minton & Paula Villescaz (LOST)

Assembly District 12: Damon Connolly (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 13: Rhodesia Ransom (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 14: Buffy Wicks (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 15: Monica Wilson (LOST)

Assembly District 16: Rebecca Bauer Kahan (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 17: Matt Haney (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 18: Mia Bonta (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 19: Catherine Stefani (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 20: Liz Ortega (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 23: Marc Berman (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 24: Alex Lee (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 25: Ash Kalra (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 28: Gail Pellerin (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 29: Robert Rivas (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 30: Dawn Addis (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 37: Gregg Hart (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 38: Steve Bennett (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 40: Pilar Schiavo (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 41: John Harabedian (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 42: Jacqui Irwin (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 43: Celeste Rodriguez (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 44: Nick Schultz (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 46: Jesse Gabriel (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 47: Christy Holstege (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 48: Brian Calderón Tabatabai (LOST)

Assembly District 49: Mike Fong (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 50:  Robert Garcia & DeJonaé Shaw (GARCIA ADVANCED)

Assembly District 51: Rick Chavez Zbur (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 52: Jessica Caloza (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 53: Javier Hernandez (LOST)

Assembly District 54: Mark Gonzalez (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 55: Isaac Bryan (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 57: Sade Elhawary (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 58: Clarissa Cervantes (TOO CLOSE TO CALL)

Assembly District 60: Corey Jackson (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 61: Tina McKinnor (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 66: Al Muratsuchi (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 69: Josh Lowenthal (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 77: Tasha Boerner (ADVANCED)

Assembly District 78: Chris Ward (ADVANCED)

State Senate Endorsements

Senate District 3: Jackie Elward (LOST)

Senate District 5: Jerry McNerney (ADVANCED)

Senate District 7: Dan Kalb & Kathryn Lybarger (LOST)

Senate District: 9 Marisol Rubio (ADVANCED)

Senate District 11: Scott Wiener (ADVANCED)

Senate District 13: Josh Becker (ADVANCED)

Senate District 15: Dave Cortese (ADVANCED)

Senate District 17: John Laird (ADVANCED)

Senate District 21: Monique Limón (ADVANCED)

Senate District 23: Kipp Mueller (ADVANCED)

Senate District 25: Sasha Renée Pérez (ADVANCED)

Senate District 27: Henry Stern (ADVANCED)

Senate District 29: Eloise Gómez Reyes (ADVANCED)

Senate District 33: Lena Gonzalez (ADVANCED)

Senate District 35: Michelle Chambers (ADVANCED)

Congressional Endorsements

CA District 2: Jared Huffman (ADVANCED)

CA District 3: Jessica Morse (ADVANCED)

CA District 6: Ami Bera (ADVANCED)

CA District 7: Doris Matsui (ADVANCED)

CA District 8: John Garamendi (ADVANCED)

CA District 9: Josh Harder (ADVANCED)

CA District 10: Mark DeSaulnier (ADVANCED)

CA District 11: Nancy Pelosi (ADVANCED)

CA District 12: Lateefah Simon (ADVANCED)

CA District 14: Eric Swalwell (ADVANCED)

CA District 15: Kevin Mullin (ADVANCED)

CA District 17: Ro Khanna (ADVANCED)

CA District 18: Zoe Lofgren (ADVANCED)

CA District 19: Jimmy Panetta (ADVANCED)

CA District 24: Salud Carbajal (ADVANCED)

CA District 25: Raul Ruiz (ADVANCED)

CA District 26: Julia Brownley (ADVANCED)

CA District 27: George Whitesides (ADVANCED)

CA District 28: Judy Chu (ADVANCED)

CA District 29: Luz Rivas (ADVANCED)

CA District 30: Laura Friedman (ADVANCED)

CA District 31: Gil Cisneros (ADVANCED)

CA District 32: Brad Sherman (ADVANCED)

CA District 33: Pete Aguilar (ADVANCED)

CA District 34: Jimmy Gomez (ADVANCED)

CA District 35: Norma Torres (ADVANCED)

CA District 36: Ted Lieu (ADVANCED)

CA District 37: Sydney Kamlager-Dove (ADVANCED)

CA District 38: Linda Sanchez (ADVANCED)

CA District 39: Mark Takano (ADVANCED)

CA District 41: Will Rollins (ADVANCED)

CA District 43: Maxine Waters (ADVANCED)

CA District 44: Nanette Barragán (ADVANCED)

CA District 46: Lou Correa (ADVANCED)

CA District 47: Dave Min (ADVANCED)

CA District 49: Mike Levin (ADVANCED)

CA District 50: Scott Peters (ADVANCED)

CA District 51: Sara Jacobs (ADVANCED) 

CA District 52: Juan Vargas (ADVANCED)

Endorsements from our Local Leagues

Fresno City Council: Matthew Gillian (LOST)

Inyo County Board of Supervisors District 4: Genevieve “Gina” Jones (LOST)

LA County Board of Supervisors: Holly Mitchell (WON)

San Diego County Board of Supervisors: Terra Lawson-Remer (ADVANCED)

Tulare County Board of Supervisors District 1: Joe Soría (LOST)

Tulare County Board of Supervisors District 2: Benny Corona (LOST)

Ventura County Board of Supervisors District 3: Kim Stephenson (LOST)

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