Who We Are


California Environmental Voters (EnviroVoters) exists to build the political will and power to solve the climate crisis, use climate action to advance justice, and create a global roadmap of innovative solutions that can be exported globally. To protect our air, land, water, and future, we organize voters, elect and train climate-champion candidates, push climate solutions to the forefront of public discourse, and hold lawmakers accountable to take bold policy action.

We recruit and help people run for office who will fight for our environment and our future. We look for candidates who come from communities most impacted by the climate crisis and help them win. We are proud to help change which candidates are considered viable, and to elect people of color, women, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, and young leaders. We start early and help these candidates raise money, build a grassroots campaign, and win. We’re winning races even when special interests outspend our candidates by huge margins.

California Environmental Voters

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We build connections in communities — facilitating conversations neighbor-to-neighbor — to educate and mobilize voters in support of climate champions. Our organizers knock on doors, host house meetings, and cultivate neighborhood leaders to foster community participation in our democracy. This “boots on the ground” approach is what flipped both Georgia Senate seats in 2020, and it’s what’s going to elect a cohort of climate champions in California in 2024.

We’re working to elect and support candidates committed to:

  • Following the latest science.
  • Prioritizing climate justice and ensuring equitable access to climate solutions. 
  • Securing a just transition for fossil fuel workers and their families. 

The Climate Center Action Fund

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Averting dangerous climate change, supporting healthy people and thriving communities, and conserving and protecting nature and wildlife. We support candidates who stand up for these goals, and we mobilize the American public to lobby lawmakers and hold them accountable for their votes, both in office and at the ballot box.

NRDC Action Fund