Get Involved to Elect Climate Champions

Host an Event

Send a message to politicians that donors care about prioritizing protecting our air, water, land, and future by hosting a fundraising event with Give Green California. Events can be in person or online, whatever works for you!

Please reach out to for help hosting an event or with any other questions.


Volunteer to Get Out the Vote for Give Green California candidates. From canvassing to phone banking to helping us run events, there are so many ways that you make a tangible difference in the climate-justice fight. Please sign up to volunteer using the form below and we’ll connect you with an in-person action for a priority campaign near you or get you set up to reach out to voters remotely:

Donate via Give Green California

We ensure that every candidate is committed to advancing climate justice and equity and that the environmental movement is most focused on the highest priority races, so your support can be as impactful as possible.

By contributing through Give Green California, your contribution not only directly supports a climate-champion candidate but also sends a message that the environmental and climate-justice movements are firmly behind them. Contributions made on Give Green California go directly to the candidates’ campaigns. Every transaction displays your name and that it was made via Give Green California, so they know that you and the environmental movement stand behind them!