SB 47 – Senate Floor #2

Increasing Spending Limits to Clean Up More Idle Oil Wells

SB 47 addresses the clean-up of hazardous and abandoned oil wells, which can leak and degrade air quality, water quality, and harm surrounding communities, ensuring that the cost of cleanup is not passed onto taxpayers even if an oil company declares bankruptcy. The bill does this by increasing the annual spending limit from a fund which derives its funding from oil industry fees to $5 million per year to be spent towards the cleanup of hazardous and abandoned oil wells.

Author: Monique Limón

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Issues: Oil and Gas

Signed into Law


Passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Newsom


52 yes
21 no
7 abstain


27 yes
10 no
3 abstain


Signed into Law

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SB 47 – Senate Floor #2 VotesVote Date: 9/9/21