SB 343 – Senate Environmental Quality

Prohibiting Greenwashing of Non-Recyclable Waste

SB 343 makes recycling easier by making recyclable products more easily identifiable and makes it harder for companies to "greenwash" their products with false claims of recyclability. This bill would prohibit the use of the chasing-arrows symbol or any other suggestion that a material is recyclable, unless the material is recyclable in most California communities and is routinely sold to manufacturers to make new products.

Author: Ben Allen

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Issues: Corporate Accountability, Recycling and Waste Reduction

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Passed by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Newsom


50 yes
3 no
27 abstain


29 yes
7 no
4 abstain


Signed into Law

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SB 343 – Senate Environmental Quality VotesVote Date: 3/15/21