AB 2840 – Assembly Local Government Committee

Warehouse Good Neighbor Policy

Warehouses have become one of the largest sources of air pollution in the state. Most of these facilities are located in low-income communities and communities of color who are being exposed to higher levels of pollution from dirty diesel trucks. In many instances in the Inland Empire, warehouses are being sited directly next to homes and schools even after the community weighs in with serious concerns. AB 2840 would have addressed this problem by creating buffer zones between warehouses and schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods to mitigate the environmental and community harm and to get a handle on unregulated siting of warehouses.

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Issues: Land Use and Transportation

Not signed into Law


Passed the Assembly, but failed to pass the Senate


Yes 41
No 25
Abstain 12





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AB 2840 – Assembly Local Government Committee VotesVote Date: 4/20/22