AB 284 – Assembly Natural Resources

Nature-Based Climate Solutions on Natural and Working Lands

AB 284 would require the California Air Resources Board to identify a 2045 climate goal for the state’s natural and working lands and to work in coordination with other state agencies to ensure that California’s forests, urban green spaces, rangelands, arid lands, agricultural lands, and wetlands are integrated into state plans and policies to sequester carbon, achieve carbon neutrality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster overall climate resilience.

Author: Robert Rivas

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Issues: Climate Change, Natural Resources

Not signed into Law


Passed out of the Assembly and voted on by Senate policy Committees but never made it to a Senate Floor vote.


52 yes
18 no
9 abstain


Passed Environmental Quality and Natural Resources/Water, but did not get a floor vote



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AB 284 – Assembly Natural Resources VotesVote Date: 3/24/21