AB 1395 – Senate Floor

The California Climate Crisis Act

AB 1395 would have codified in law the state's goal to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible, but No later than 2045, which was put in place with a 2018 Executive Order signed by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill would have further required that by 2045 human caused emissions be reduced to at least 90% below what emissions levels were in 1990. In addition, this bill would have created strict limitations around any use of techNology such as carbon capture and storage, which comes with many risks and uncertainties, to prohibit their use if they would cause adverse impacts on local air quality and public health, as well as to prohibit enhanced oil recovery (the process of using captured carbon to drill for more oil) from counting towards meeting climate targets.

Author: Al Muratsuchi

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Issues: Climate Change

Not signed into Law

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Passed out of the Assembly but failed on the Senate Floor.


42 yes
21 no
16 abstain


14 yes
12 no
14 abstain



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AB 1395 – Senate Floor VotesVote Date: 9/10/21