AB 1371 – Assembly Floor

Phasing out Unnesessary Plastic Packaging from Online Shopping

AB 1371 would have been the first step in reducing the unsustainable amount of single-use plastic waste from online shopping by requiring a shift away from plastic packaging and to non-plastics that are recyclable, compostable, or reusable and accepted in curbside recycling bins. The staggering growth of the e-commerce industry, which generated 469 million pounds of plastic waste in the US in 2019, is expected to outlast the pandemic and has created a wave of single-use packages and packaging, almost all of which is headed for landfill, incineration, or the environment where it pollutes waterways and oceans.

Author: Laura Friedman

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Issues: Corporate Accountability, Recycling and Waste Reduction

Not signed into Law


Failed to pass the Assembly Floor vote.


36 yes
28 no
15 abstain


Never Made it to Senate



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AB 1371 – Assembly Floor VotesVote Date: 6/3/21