SB 1314

Stopping Big Oil’s Greenwashing

As pressure mounts to phase out fossil fuels, the oil and gas industry has pivoted to delay tactics that slow climate action while greenwashing their industry. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an expensive and inefficient technology that is predominantly used to drill for more oil through a process called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), resulting in a net increase in emissions, increased pollution, and ultimately extends our dependence on fossil fuels. SB 1314 bans Enhanced Oil Recovery that uses carbon captured from CCS, ensuring that carbon capture projects never allow oil companies to use CCS to produce more oil and gas and protects communities from the impacts of increased fossil fuel production.

Author: Monique Limón

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Issues: Toxics and Pollution

Signed into Law

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Yes 47
No 23
Abstain 10


Yes 24
No 9
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